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On DeviantArt, I constantly see "critics" who know little to nothing about anatomy try to "lecture" amazing artists on how their characters' proportions are weird/impossible, how their breasts are "too big", how they are "impossibly tall", etc. The vast majority of there "critics" are complete fucking idiots, who do not know that anatomy and body proportions vary WIDELY based on species, environmental conditions, diet, gender, and health conditions, etc.

Bullshit Statement #1) Human hands always have five fingers! If you put less or more than five fingers on a human hand, then you do not understand anatomy!
This is bullshit, because some people in real life have less than five fingers on their hands, due to amputations, deformities, infections. Some people in real life have more than five fingers on their hands, due to polydactylism.…
Some people have up to SEVEN fingers on each hand!

Bullshit Statement #2) Your character is "too tall"/it is impossible for your character to be a certain height!
I have seen dumb fucks says that a character that is 66 inches/165 centimeters tall is "impossibly tall". Just because you have never seen and/or heard of a "tall" person in your life, does not mean that tall people do not exist. People can be extremely tall due to genetics/gigantism/marfan syndrome/growth abnormalities. The tallest person in history(Robert Wadlow) was 107 inches/267.5 centimeters at his tallest!……

Bullshit Statement #3) The fingers are way to thin and/or long.
This statement can be okay in some conditions, but most of the time, it is bullshit. It is possible to have extremely thin fingers, due to starvation, small frame, certain genetic disorders.

Bullshit Statement #4) It is impossible for her breasts to be so big!/There is a "limit" to how big you can make a character's breasts/moobs.
This statement is probably the most annoying, and the dumbest, because the majority of the fucking retards who comment this shit have probably never seen a woman with D cup breasts or bigger. Women who are chubbier/bigger usually have bigger breasts than women who are thinner/smaller. Certain conditions, such as breast hypertrophy/macromastia can cause massive breasts.…

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